Antique Radiators

You may not be able to find a replacement radiator for your restoration project. Solution? We can clean and repair the old one. Or, we can make a new one for you meeting the exact specifications of the original unit. Contact us today to discuss your restoration project.


logo-lizardskin-color-don-hart-restoration-houston-waller-texasHere at Don Hart’s Restoration Products and Service, we are pleased that you have rated us as the number one LizardSkin® retailer. We stock fresh product, in part because we sell more than anyone else, and also because we are very close to the manufacturer. We simply bring you the best in restoration products and service for your car.

Several of us have installed LizardSkin in our own vehicles, and are amazed with the excellent performance. “I’ll definitely do LizardSkin in my next car” is something we hear regularly.

Very easily installed, and does not affect the way trim, panels or seats bolt in or fit, LizardSkin will make your vehicle much more comfortable. In the north, ceramic insulation is used to help hold heat in, and in the south, to help keep the heat out. Sound control allows you to have normal conversation levels, will allow you to actually hear your radio, and will help aftermarket sound systems truly perform.

From the manufacturer:
The LizardSkin® Mission: to offer high value insulating and sound control products that provide our customers with a variety of convenience, performance and product benefits at lower installed cost.

The company was formed in 1998 by street rod enthusiasts who wanted to solve the problem of engine heat and noise in custom cars. As you know, these problems exist because the output of modern engines is well beyond what the body components of vintage street rods were originally designed to contain.

We were familiar with glue-on insulation panels, but thought that there must be a better way to solve this problem—more effective, efficient and without seams. Our research led to the aerospace industry and high temperature ceramic insulation concepts.

The result—LizardSkin® Ceramic Insulation and LizardSkin® SC sound control formula—two products which take thermal and acoustic performance to new levels.