Recycle and Save with Renu!!

Your fuel tank can be punctured, scraped, or damaged, causing rust and corrosion. But replacing it with a new factory supplied tank can be expensive, and time consuming.

Gas Tank Renu-USA has an easy solution. We’ll recycle your damaged tank with our patented, proven process; a fast, economical alternative to replacement.

Guaranteed Results

Our unique, chemical bonding repair process gives your fuel tank a tough, “double layer” of protection. Gas Tank Renu-USA coats both the inside and outside of your tank, sealing it from rust and corrosion.

We are so sure of our process, that we offer a limited LIFETIME NATIONWIDE WARRANTY on passenger car or light truck tanks, and two to five years on all other tanks. Honored at any Gas Tank Renu-USA Dealership.

Repairs Almost Any Tank

  • Old, hard to find tanks
  • Antique tanks for restoration
  • Boat tanks
  • Motorcycle tanks
  • Truck tanks
  • Industrial tanks
  • New tanks, to give them a lifetime protection

Gas Tank Renu-USA’s repair process is completely compatible with gasoline, water (non-drinking), diesel, high octane, methanol, and alcohol.


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