Complete Sales

As a manufacturer, we produce a wide variety of products for industrial applications to include radiator cores, complete radiators, oil coolers, air coolers and marine heat exchanger products. The manufacturing and fabrication departments incorporate computerized equipment in their processes. Each manufactured unit must pass stringent quality standards, and is guaranteed in quality and fit.

Industrial Completes are manufactured to the OEM’s specifications and requirements. Complete industrial radiators offered to standard applications such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Waukesha and more.

Industrial Oil / Air Coolers – Manufactured to OEM’s specifications and requirements. Oil and Air coolers manufactured to replace defective coolers found on equipment and other applications. Coolers available in All Aluminum, and special materials for use in corrosive environments and marine applications.

Design and Engineering  – We are available to solve special cooling requirements. Our staff can design or work with your staff in developing new product or customizing product for specific requirements. We invite the challenge! We can help with the small radiator used on Fan-to-Engine applications to the largest remote radiators equipped with fan, electric motor and frame.

Example Features

  • Computerized Fabrication
  • Manufactured to OEM Specifications
  • All-aluminum and Special Material Options
  • Custom Design and Fabrication Challenges

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