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Who We Are

For over 100 years the Harts have been a well-known name in the radiator industry. Dating back to 1922 when Maurice Hart, Sr. began working for his great uncles, the Echols Brothers. They were a blacksmith shop turned radiator repair center located in downtown Fort Worth opening in 1910. Maurice Hart, Sr. went on to open Auto Radiator Works in 1948 near downtown Houston.

In 1985 Maurice Hart, Sr. and Don Hart opened Don Hart’s Radiator Service Center located in Waller, Texas. Over the years Don Hart’s has evolved with the changing of time. We have extended our service operations to include so much more than just “radiators.” Don Hart’s Radiator focuses on radiators, fuel tanks, heat exchangers, oil coolers, Diesel Particulate Filers (DPF), Diesel Oxygen Catalyst (DOC), restoration products, antique/custom radiators and gas tanks. In 2016 Don Hart’s Radiator merged with Hart Heat Transfer Products enabling us to now offer field service on generator sets and sales of complete radiator packages.

Don Hart’s Radiator Service Center has expanded its service area over the past few years with satellite locations in East Houston to focus on the Texas Gulf market, Bryan and Austin with a focus on the Central Texas market. More Don Hart’s History →

Don Hart’s Services

Industrial Cooling

Heavy Equipment, Big Rigs, Agriculture Equipment, or anything you have that is dirty, needs repair, or replacement. Give us a call.

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Don Hart’s will service Stationary Machines, Oilfield, Marine, Coil, Plate, Tube Bundles, Tube and Shell, Air Fin Coolers

DPF Services

We are of the largest and most experienced DPF cleaning services with multiple locations, and provide complete cleaning and repair services for your filters.

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We provide 1-day turnaround on virtually all filters, and each one is tested both before and after cleaning.

Fuel Tanks

Your fuel tank can be punctured, scraped, or damaged, causing rust and corrosion. But replacing it with a new tank can be expensive, and time consuming.

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Gas Tank Renu-USA has an easy solution. We’ll recycle your damaged tank with our patented, proven process; a fast, economical alternative to replacement.




FAQ’S & Video

  • What is your experience with specialty or hard to find radiators?

    Don Hart’s Radiator Service Center has technicians on staff with over 60+ years of combined experience. They are some of the highest trained and most experienced radiator technicians in the state. We have the largest radiator repair facility in the Central Texas and Texas Gulf Coast Region capable of taking any type of radiator repair.

  • I have an old rusted out gas tank for my 1955 Buick I am restoring. Can you fix this?

    Yes. Don Hart’s Radiator is the only Gas Tank Renu franchise in the mid-south United States. We have customers send us tanks from all over the USA for our patented Renu process. We guarantee to have your tank restored and back to working order.

  • My Diesel Particulate Filter is clogged causing my truck to be out of commission. How can I get it cleaned and working quickly?

    Don Hart’s Radiator is the number one DPF Cleaning facility in Texas. Our state of the art DPF cleaning equipment and highly skilled technicians that will take your clogged DPF and clean it in less than 24 hours; in most cases. We carry all accessories needed for most DPF’s and we have 4 locations throughout the Central/Gulf Coast region to get you back on the road and operational with little down time.