DPF Services

We are one of the largest and most experienced DPF Cleaning Services, having multiple locations we offer complete cleaning and repair for your filters. We carry a full line of new gaskets, new DPF’s and DOC’s for a vast array of trucks, busses, equipment and other applications. Don Hart’s Radiator is one of a handful of locations that will clean Dodge, Ford and/or Duramax filters. We provide 1-day turnaround on virtually all filters, and each one is tested both before and after cleaning.

  • Level 2 Cleaning (better than OEM/Dealer cleaning)
  • 1-Day turnaround
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • New & New-Remanufactured
  • Repair & Flange Installation
  • Gaskets

Same-Day Flash Cleaning coming in 2017!

The Flash Cleaner Machine will revolutionize the DPF cleaning market in the Central/Gulf Coast region.  Your DPF cleaning process will be taken to same day turnaround time, getting you on the road faster. We guarantee your DPF will be as clean with this new process as it was with the bake process.

  • Same Day Turnaround
  • Lower Cost
  • OEM Reman Program available
  • Gentle on all types of filters

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